I Choose Guilt Free

Guilt.. It's the monster that I am trying hard to keep at bay lately!! It's the monster that will drain my energy, make me short and snappy with my loved ones, and keep me from enjoying the things that really do bring me joy!
So I am bringing to light some of the things that are feeding the guilt monster..
A fund raiser sheet for my Daughters'  American Heritage Girls troop It hasn't got ONE SINGLE order on it.. Because Mom hasn't taken them door to door.. (here in rural NE Iowa it involves a bit more than walking around the block and knocking on a few neighbor's door)
My Kale... The same kale that I planted and lovingly nurtured this spring is now overgrown and forgotten.. (we did use lots of Kale in juicing and made kale chips a few times)

The tomatoes that never got picked..

 Worms got the broccoli ...
Worms need to eat too.............. 

Because I haven't taken the dog outside to play in the yard she's chewing up toys..

Guilty that Hadassah naps all alone... and I used to nap WITH her older siblings a few times a week..
Why shouldn't I feel guilty about all these things????
Because the one thing that matters more than anything else we do or don't do as a family is that we LOVE and we Do it well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So mama's...
take heart.... There will always be things that don't get done.. weeds that get overgrown, fundraising goals that don't get met, laundry that piles up, lunches that don't get packed... But You LOVE and you do it well!!!!! That's what is important, long lasting, and will leave eternal ripples!!!

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