confessions of a former home-school mom... And a secret ingredient

    When I think about home school moms I automatically translate that into 'Super-Mom'.
    I should know... I have a 'Super-Mom' sister or 2. but most of all I used to BE ONE OF THEM!! Yes, they do it all! make nutritious meals 3 times a day for a growing family! (Some even make freezer meals!!) They grind their own wheat, bake their own bread. they have their own chickens for eggs and even a goat or 2 for fresh milk! they have menu plans for weeks in advance! Their Children sort their own laundry, some even DO their own laundry. they ALWAYS dry their laundry on the line.... Are you getting tired yet??? well I am!
    Ok, we all know that no-body is 'Super-mom' we all know that All of us have our areas where we feel we don't measure up! I am a huge cheerleader for home schools!! I love to see happy families walking in the Path that the Lord has planned for them!!
    I DID NOT ENJOY COOKING NUTRITIOUS MEALS!!! Nope not one bit!! I loved the idea of FEEDING my children Nutritious home cooked meals. I just didn't want to be the one cooking them!!!! Now before you judge me listen to this!! I DID enjoy milking my goats, Yes they smell a bit but so what!! I did enjoy growing healthy fruits and veggies in my own garden, yes, weeding, dirt under the nails and all!! BUT NOT COOKING! for all my home school years I wanted to enjoy cooking but it NEVER happened!!
    So now we eat spaghetti WITHOUT WHOLE WHEAT NOODLES, just regular noodles.
    we eat STORE BOUGHT EGGS!!
    we BUY our yogurt!! (always plain though, no added sugar) LOL.
    we SOMETIMES eat cereal from a CARDBOARD BOX!!!!
    BUT.. here is the rest of the story.. Yes I Love when my kids eat healthy and love it.. (only because they don't know it!! So here is how I get a SUPERFOOD into their snacks!
    1.5 cups butter
    1.5 cups pure maple syrup
    2 eggs
    1tsp salt
    2 tsp baking powder
    2tsp vanilla
    1.5cups ground flax seed
    2.5 cups quick oats
    2.5 cups whole wheat flour

    Haddy and I grinding the wheat for the cookies.. (just like the little red hen, I know.)Read about the health benefits of fresh ground wheat here
      The SUPERFOOD!! Flax seed! I prefer the light colored flax seed because the kids and their Daddy CAN'T SEE when I add it to something!

      Flax seed all ground up and ready to add some Smartness to these cookies!!

      A little chocolate never hurt anyone, RIGHT????

      AHHH so Delicious!!! AND no-one even knew they were eating one of God's SUPERFOODS!!!

        Here are some of the health benefits of flax seed!

      1. Omega-3 essential fatty acids, "good" fats that have been shown to have heart-healthy effects. Each tablespoon of ground flaxseed contains about 1.8 grams of plant omega-3s.
        (Optimal function of the human brain depends on presence of Omega 3 fatty acids. They are essential building materials for the brain during development and crucial to proper brain function and maintenance. These fatty acids improve communication between the cells and are the main ingredient for making myelin sheaths, a protective membrane covering tissue connecting neurons. Deficiencies can lead to hyperactivity, attention deficiency disorder (ADD), dyslexia, violence, depression, memory loss and various behavioral disorders.)
      2. Lignans, which have both plant estrogen and antioxidant qualities. Flaxseed contains 75- 800 times more lignans than other plant foods

      3. Fiber. Flaxseed contains both the soluble and insoluble types.

      On another day I will share how to get them to eat flax seed for breakfast..


    1. Wonderful!!!! I am making these soon! Do you have any ideas for someone sensitive to wheat?

    2. OK!! 'now' you 'did' it! Making me thing I 'need' a 'grinder...doesn't everybody who is concerned for their families nutrition?? Maybe 10 yrs ago we decided to go w/ the Whisper Mill & big, fancy mixer but realized b4 we got around to it that Allen, 'after all', loves my white bread better than WW bread...'SO' we continued making white by hand the way I've always done but I do often wonder if it was a good choice...we eat 'so' much bread! For awhile I bought WW from a friend for variety & felt 'so' much better 'bout PBJ's or my lil people. Alas, Edith moved to MT & later I got starter & enjoyed baking sour dough bread almost 100% of the time. Recently I let my starter go 'bad' (I think)
      Do I have options other than owning the mill or buying from someone, who does? I've heard flax seed is many things are supposed to be, 'dirty salt'! But, unless my husband is equally enthused or supportive what does a nutritionist do? What is up w/ all the gluten intolerance? I have a recipe for 'gluten' free cookies, Jessica, that is very good!
      Keep writing, RA, loved your HS mom picture so unlike this one! We go through 'boxes' of store bought cereal w/ our 4 teen & 'pre'teens, a fact I'm really 'not' proud of but I also struggle w/ this idea of what may be 'unthankfullness' in the face of such plentiously filled pantries...OK that isn't makin' sense ....just seems wrong to spend so much extra for the healthy versions....forgive my ramblings...~~Pauline

    3. Pauline, I am happy that you feel alright with eating white bread and store baought cereal! I wish my guilt on that matter would go away!!! Plus you have teeneagers.. I can tell it will be different as the kids get older, I already have to be super tricky about how I present the healthy food! LOL And what the kids eat and what hubby eats are often 2 different things!!

    4. Yaah... its seams like all I do is cook and I don't love it either. We just switched our big meal to noon. Opa and Oma join us. I'm liking that much better. It works out better with evening meetings and none of us needed to sleep on the extra calories of a big meal after dark. Another bonus is that when we have free evening the older kids can cook something simple w/o it interfering with their regular schooling. : ) Lori M


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