How did THAT happen?

It's only 9:00 in the morning but I feel the need for a blogging therapy session. Blogging is the best therapy I have ever encountered. It never asks any hard questions, and I get to do all the talking.. The best part?? I usually end up laughing by the time I am done, because what seemed like a mountain becomes a silly little molehill after I share it with all of you.
It happens after days of having a teething baby that has a sinus cold and thinks everyone should suffer with her, a 3 yr old with same sinus cold who thinks Mom is here to carry out his every wish and command!
So this morning With a 3 yr. old who thinks 5am is a good time to get into bed with mom and crowd her out of bed until she decides to get up, I didn't want to take him back into his bedroom at that time of the morning because he shares a room with his sister and only one thing worse than a 3yr old awake at 5am is a 14 mo old awake at 5am. (the 3yrold at least lets me doze off in between falling out of my own bed.)
but alas 6am and Hubby's alarm starts going and going and going.. with the volume on HIGH.. this is not just the beep, beep, beep of a regular alarm.. but a very annoying ringtone on his cell! Said 14mo. old gets all excited because she knows she gets to see Dad now and starts dancing in her crib yelling for Dad! (he still sleeps) at this point I decide it's defiantly easier to let them get up than try to convince them to go back to bed and sleep till their usual wake up time of 7:30!
If there is one thing that sends my morning into a downward spiral it's not having at least 15 min to myself before I face the family and the whole day! time to get myself together, clean my bathroom and get breakfast started... but this morning they are demanding breakfast. yeah it's bad.. they are STARVING!!! they sit at the table CRYING while I try to hurry up get dressed!!
breakfast is done and it's on to the constant struggle of getting the Big girls to get their chores done in a timely fashion and done RIGHT!! all the while thinking I failed as a mom because my 9 yr. old does not realize how important it is for her chores to be done RIGHT.. I can tell by the pitiful way the dog stares at me that he thinks i failed too because I didn't teach her that he needs a full scoop of food!!!

I ave no idea why i decided this morning was the time to get her 9yr. old attitude adjusted into the proper shape.....

so my plan is to take the girls to school, run to town and get a few groceries that I need to make a dessert for a women's conference at church on Saturday.

I get to town praying all the way that the little ones don't fall asleep before I get there.. They stay awake BUT I discover that I forgot my wallet!!! I was in tears by this time!!! so I decide to go back home and put Miss Haddy down for a nap, well she falls asleep on the way home, no big deal, i just carry her upsairs and put her in her bed. BUT no such luck, she has decided she has had enough of a nap!! So here I am with a CRANKY Haddy, no groceries and a bad attitude myself!!! Someone needs to come spank me and adjust my attitude!! :)

My plan is putting all else on hold to find some peace in the word of the Lord!

be Still and know that I am God!!!

Thanks for helping me out with my therapy session!!!!


  1. this made me laugh , but I know days that start off bad r not cool !! better luck with haddy`s nap next time !!! :) oh..I went to the store 1 time to w/o my wallet ..only I had all my groceries already I wen`t and put all the cold stuff back ,then parked my cart where I thought it would`nt be in the way ...and ran home for my wallet,then came back and got my cold items again ,paid mt stuff and wen`t home ...again !!!!


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