Kissing Winter Good-by

Seems hardly possible that these pictures were taken only a week ago! 4 inches of wet snow covered every branch and twig. It was absolutely beautiful. 1 Because we knew it was march 9th and that Old man winter was just huffing and puffing his final breaths. 2 because it was 'snowman' snow. Here in the Midwest our snow usually comes in the form of a blizzard with temperatures low enough that any attempts at making a snowman are in vain! But not this time! After the 'Big' kids were off to school, the 'Little' kids and I headed outside! I can now easily enjoy these pictures Because: this week the weather has been so pleasing! My Garden has decided to come out of hiding and is sunning it's whole glorious self, each day getting closer to that wonderful day when I can scratch it's fertile, life giving back and plant seeds that are full of promising life, or spindly little plants that seem so frail!

Miss Honeysuckle helping roll the snowman's bottom!

Little Blue took this job very seriously!! Is there something Macho about building a snowman that I am missing???

"why, Hello, cold one of my creation!"

Miss Honeysuckle was enraptured with 'Cold One' and kept kissing him!!
When, by noon, 'Cold One' had lost his head to the warm sunshine, I KNEW Spring was 'just around the corner'!! Good-by Winter, Good-By!!!!!!

Welcome Spring!!! This is what we have to look forward too!!

Back-yard T-ball games for the whole family!

Bike rides in mud puddles!

New Kittens and growing Veggies!!

And here is whats new from the sewing corner! Owl 2 peice outfit! With a number or letter of your choice! take a look! here on Etsy


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