Annual 'I Miss Summer' post and link up party

It's that time of year!!!  Yes time for my annual 'I miss summer' Blog.

 I always know I am coming down with a BAD case when early in February I stop reading blogs from Florida or any other warm place on earth! (can't take the Jealousy). 

 It usually happens gradually with things like:
 Buying an excessive amount of fresh food from the grocery store trying to re-create the taste of garden fresh veggies of summertime.
Trying to go for walks and bike rides on days when it looks sunny and warm outside but having to turn around and come back into the house because the wind is coming straight from the Arctic.

 And finally one day I succumb to the malady completely by looking through last summer's photos!!

Endless hours of fun in the sun!!!

 Bare toes and green grass

 Parades, picnics and the smell of sunkissed toddler skin!!
Photos by my BFF Beka Fox ! Take a look at her Etsy shop !! All proceeds of her shop go into funding her family's dream to ADOPT!! Isn't that exciting??

 SUMMER!!!  no doubt my FAVORITE season of the year!!

What's your favorite season???

Here's what's Happening in my Etsy shop!! We're gearing up for Spring and Easter!!!!

Peasant style Pink and cream dress WITH legwarmers!! Buy it here

And another pillowcase dress!!  Buy it here

 AND the matching boy outfit!! here

Manic Monday Link up!!!!
here's a glimps of a photo shoot.

Link up your Blog and follow others on the link up list!!  Tell them you found them on Manic Monday Link up!!


  1. I miss the warmth. I'm always cold and our NY winters kill me! I also miss being able to send the kids outside to play. The day (and night) always seems to go so much better when the kids have had a chance to get out and run around :)


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