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Valentines Day..  A day for Lovers, an excuse to get a babysitter and go to a fancy restaurant. But what is Valentines Day when you are in Elementary school?? Hmmm?

 A Day of CANDY!!  Oh yes there are cards too, the ones with candy attached go onto the 'Priority' pile. the ones with no candy get, at the best a 2nd glance. And it really doesn't matter who sent you which card, or which card was from a boy or  girl. All that matters is how big is my pile of candy! 

Here is a great Idea for making your own Valentines day cards.  Take a photo of your child with an outstretched fist. Upload it to your favorite photo editing site (I use my Creative Memories software) to add words or anything you like to make the photo more festive.

After you get your photo developed take a razor blade and cut to slits like this, and insert Lollipop!

  VIOLA!!  Happy Valentines Day!!

And here is what's new in my Etsy Shop this week is the very first of the HaddyGrace spring line!

The "Daisy" dress, Buy it here.

There will be plenty of items for baby boy in my shop this spring!!! including a new style of shoes and plenty of Easter outfits!!

So link up your Blog!! Don't worry if it's not a crafty Blog.. Writing a blog is 'Making Something' So link up and find and follow new blogging friends!
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  1. I have seen tons of these cute homemade Valentine's on Pinterest! So adorable!!!
    I found your blog via The Things We Find Inside Monday Blog Hop!


  2. My kids are the same way with their Valentines! They always insist on buying their friends cards that come with candy because they're "Way better!" than the normal ones! lol


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