Remember the Little Things

It's Friday!! The end of the work week.. AS I reflected over my week today I thought of all I got done, all I didn't get done.
I usually see myself as a person with a pretty positive out look but I was shocked as I looked back over the pictures in my phone from this week that a lot of those LITTLE MOMENTS I had already forgotten. If some-one where to ask me about my week I would have said:

 "It was a cold and snowy week, we didn't play out side, Nothing really exciting, Just lots of doing the same motherhood tasks over and over again. I didn't get a whole lot accomplished."

BUT when I look at my pictures It was a great week!!

It snowed and we walked through gentle falling large flakes to have coffee with friends!
We made baked oatmeal and ate it with Frozen blueberries for breakfast!
we read stories!
We played a game of Wednesday afternoon monopoly!!
We colored pictures!
We had ice cream!
We visited a nature center!
We had a great AHG troop meeting!

It's lime to unload!! Unload all the stress and frustrations of the work week!
Maybe you're a Mama who works outside of the home, and maybe you are a Stay At Home Mom or a Work at home Mom, Whoever you are.. the weekend is nigh and it's time to let down your hair, get into your comfy clothes and distress!! Make yourself a cup of tea and relax. Think back over the week and try hard to remember all the little happy things that make life worthwhile!!

We all have to unwind sometime. We need to slow down and smell the sweet breath of our babies. We need to take time to color a picture with our preschoolers, heart to heart talks with our preteens. It IS those things that matter after all. It's the little moments that counts. 

So here's to Remembering the LITTLE things! You and me Both!! Each Friday we will meet here to create a Link -up of Photos from your week to help you and me both to remember all the little happy moments. To help each other count our blessing!!

So Go ahead. Dump your Photos unto a blog post and link up!! It doesn't have to be anything with fancy words or fancy pictures!! Just a bunch of moms sharing the highlights of their week!! Follow the other linked blogs and stop by to encourage other Mamas!!


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