Warning: All Mothers of Sons

Do you have a son? If you do then you will probably be able to relate to what happened to me the other day. If you don't have a son yet, you might want to read this anyway because it will prepare you for what is ahead.

It didn't happen right away. When he was a baby it was pretty similar to  mothering my girls. But suddenly around 12 mo he started doing things and having an interest in things that I had never noticed before. The more wheels something had the longer it held his interest. The more dangerous something looked the more he was likely to try it. The noisier something was the bigger it's 'cool factor'..

Here is the SON at 2 yrs old!!

This interest in all things macho left me struggling to entertain him! I struggled all day trying to come up with 'Cool' things for him to play with, and just when I'd think I finally found something with the required 'macho' factor Daddy would walk in and I would be left out in the cold.

UNTIL I read a blog post about this one mama who bought old kitchen appliances and let her son's dismantle them! YES that was exactly the thing for me!!  And Mitchell loved it although he looked at it as fixing things for mom because mom doesn't know how... And we all know that letting boys/men know they are needed is important, so I just let him think he was fixing it for me because I didn't know how.

Until Yesterday: His 'Job' was to dismantle the old blender. (always cut off the cords to prevent them from trying to plug it in).  I was paying a bit of attention because he kept going out to the garage to get more tools and I needed to watch that he doesn't bring in something dangerous.  He needed a wrench to take off a bolt, headed to the garage and came back in with ONE wrench... AND it was EXACTLY the right size!!!! 
Now I don't know about you, but if that would have been me I would have come back in with about 6 wrenches and NONE of them would have been the right size!!!

Yes, it was an important day in our mother son relationship.. It was the day that He no longer needed me to find the tools of the trade for him. It was the day I realized that he had passed up all my knowledge of all things tool related.. 

Tires are made for burning out!!

So here's a salute to all Mothers of Sons! And to all of you who are about to be mothers of sons, Prepare your heart to fall completely and totally in love with that little man.. And If you think you are crazy in love with your little man now.. watch out because when he starts walking and talking just like his Daddy,...  Mush!! Your heart will be JUST MUSH!!!

Like father, Like son!!!

Thanks for reading and Enjoy your SON!!!!


  1. *tears tears tears*!!!! My boys are 10 now and it really gets even better. They will continue to amaze you and grow into little men:)

  2. @ alignaCristina I can't wait!!!!

  3. This was a good read for me. Although I am a mother of two daughers, "boy stories" are so nice. It is a change of pace for my mind as a mother. The love I have for my daughters is deep and as I know, their love for me is just the same. Having the opportunity to parent a son just wasn't in God's plan. Perhaps a grand-son....some day. I enjoyed the pictures as well<3


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