Snowday Sanity

SNOW DAY!!!  It'd the reward that God offers to us Humans that choose to dwell in the part of his country that has winter-like weather for 6 mo out of the year.

The reward he offers to Busy moms who are getting weary of the everyday, hurry-up, get everyone out the door to school, and stay on schedule routine.

It's our chance to crawl back into bed for another hour, our chance to read a book BEFORE breakfast, because we have NOWHERE to hurry-up and go to! To cuddle for hours and stay in our Pj's all day!!!

AHHH Beautiful Snow day!!!  How I loved thee today!!!

 Poor Kitty peering in though the sliding door at us!!

10 degrees doesn't allow for hours of snow fun but we played for bit!

 We had impromptu geography lessons with Big sis!!

 We made snow icecream!!!

 And had peppermint hot chocolate!!  Learn how to make yours here.

 He wanted NOTHING to do with staying in his Pj's all day!!!  What's that about??? 
Must be a 'man-thing'
 AND!!! We made COOKIES!!!

Valentine's Day On Etsy is sooo much fun!!!  If you aren't familar with Etsy go ahead and take a look!!  It's an AMAZING place to shop for anything you could imagine!!

Here are a few items that are listed in my little corner of Etsy.

Valentine's Day Pillowcase dress in Gray and pink! Buy it Here.

Damask is always in style!!  Buy this one here.

And I didn't forget the BOYS either!!!

Red velour vest with a gray hounds tooth tie and matching shoes! Buy it here.

ANd a two toned bow tie in Red velour and Gray hounds tooth with matching shoes! Buy it here.


  1. I enjoyed all these photos! You all had such a blessed day & did I see something about a nap? Well good for you :) Nice prints in the snow & hey, I even felt sorry for the kitty & I am no kitty person (allergic). I am sure the kiddos had a blast on their short outting into the snow & the snow-cream.....Mmmmm. North Carolina loves ya!

  2. awwwe, I cannot wait to have a snow day with my kids! :)


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