HaddyGrace Give-away

DO you have a son??? Even a wee little one?? If so you are probably attracted to Robots. Why? because Robots are fun and are a perfect example of what makes a little boy 'tick'. Moving parts, Wheels, odd noises.

Thanks to 'Walle', Robots also give us that same warm fuzzy feeling that our little boys do!!

 Robots, When done playing in the mud, Their Robot mamas just hose them down. Robot mamas when they need a break remove the Batteries of their little Robots and ahhh it's quiet time!!
Ahhh .....and all Robots eventually meet EvAAAA and live happily ever after!!

Introducing the newest HaddyGrace Shoes for boys!!!!!
You could win these!!!  Just go to my HaddyGrace Face Book page and upload your favorite 2011 picture to my wall. You get to choose the size! Winner will be choosen with Random.org

 Or you can Buy them here.

OR if you have a girl you could win THESE Tweet Tweet shoes!!

Little girls are made of Sugar and spice and every thing nice!
Or you can buy them here.

 Here are a few of my Favorite 2011 Pictures!!

My ENTIRE family!!! (there has been a few babies born since this picture in May)

And My own little Family!!  I love them all so much!!!


  1. CUTE!! I LOVE THEM! I can't wait to have photos of Jude to upload to these contests :) You are soooo talented RuthAnn! Jude is going to love his little shoes. Thank you! THANK YOU!
    <3 <3


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