When Inspiration Hits

Don't you love when You wake up in the morning and the day holds endless possibilities??

Not that each day doesn't hold endless possibilities BUT. The kind of days where you have NOTHING that HAS to be done! You could do a bit of laundry, or clean a bit, OR you could get on Pinterest and be inspired to be crafty or redecorate a room.

OR You could create what has been growing in your mind ever since you bought a remnant piece of green tweed fabric at a shop.

That's what happened to me. This is the same piece of fabric that kept me awake at night  because I couldn't quite decide what it should be. Until this morning that is! While organizing my fabrics (a weekly chore) inpiration hit! I knew EXACTLY what that piece of fabric should become!

I bought this pattern from IThinkSew, and made a few minor adjustments to compensate for the heavier fabric and added the ruffle on the hood.

After a super rough morning that started at 5:45 my little model took a long nap and co-operated perfectly for the camera!

This is a 1-of-kind item because I used up all the fabric, it's listed in my Etsy shop here.

Here's what else is new as of today in my Shop. Puppy Dog shoes

And some pics from the past few weeks that are too good not to share.

My newest nephew, Eric sporting his Valentine outfit from HaddyGrace. you can buy yours here.

Me and 4 of my 5 sisters!! plus a few of my nieces and a nephew!

Haddy and her cousin, Melony!


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