My Model is on Strike

My model is on Strike.. She has decided that she no longer enjoys having me walk after her snapping pictures. I know enough about 'almost 2yr olds' that I know asking her to stand in a certain spot in  a certain way is going to result in exactly the opposite of what I want. So I usually just let her do her thing, and always get a few pictures that I can use. However, lately as soon as I get my camera out she turns NAUGHTY!  Yes, she knows what I want and she is determined to control the situation by not being cute! What she doesn't know is that even when she's trying to be 'Not Cute' she is adorable!

Attempting to get pictures for our family Christmas cards.

Not in the Mood!!
 Always running away or toward me!

And then... add a 3 yrd old and 2 preteens and you have enough footage for a complete episode!!

 Here are a few of the successful shots of that day.
Staci Jane

Kristina Ann

Mitchell Alan

Here are the poses I got out of her today! The crossed arms is a new form of her 'Not being cute'. (Don't tell her how cute it is!)

 Finally figured out that if I bring Brother into the picture she will compete with him to be in front of the lens! It works!!

 Don't let that Angel face fool you. She is almost 2 and as full of personality as all the other 'almost 2yr olds' out there!
Love her with all my heart!! My Baby!!


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