All in a Days Work

Too many birthdays.. Every year we breeze calmly through the summer and then suddenly as the word Christmas starts getting mentioned around the beginning of November the words BIRTHDAY starts getting mentioned too. The one being my soon to be 9 yr old Daughter on Nov 27th. And my soon to be 4yr old son has now picked up on the Birthday Hubaloo and is sooo excited about is birthday on Dec 9th.. And suddenly my Calender starts filling up until it's bursting at the seams, Thanksgiving parties, Birthday parties, Christmas... and then last but not least, My baby girl's 2nd birthday on Dec 29th..

You see it happened like this, My first Daughter was born on July 9th. And me being an outdoor lover, Gardener, lets just say I love everything about summer and the outdoors was forced to stay indoors with a colicky baby, Operating on very few hours of sleep and being 1,000 plus Miles from family and friends, resulting in Postpartum depression. I promised myself that I would try my best to have my next baby in the fall so that all winter I could sit indoors and cuddle my new baby without mourning the fact that I was missing out on sunshine filled summer days. Well it worked, my next three babies were late fall/early winter babies and that's what I did, I sat around all winter cuddling my new baby.. AHHHH such sweet memories, I can still smell their sweet breast milk breath...  and that's the way we passed each winter day until beautiful summer returned! However, I am now second guessing my decision as these three get older and understand the fact that Birthdays are about celebrating THEM!!! 

Here are the birthday treats we made tonight for Staci to take to school for her classmates.

If you've ever tried to make these in the way the directions on the cone box says you know that the cones get extremely soggy when you bake the batter in the cone.
After seeing these on Pinterest (don't introduce your birthday girl to Pintrest-food to find ideas for birthday treats if you just want to do something quick and easy)

I decided to try them this way:
Bake and cool the cakes
cut them into cone size pieces and put them into the cones
frost them and sprinkle them

Really the project would have been delightfully easy had it not been for an almost 2yr old's sneaky fingers!


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