Full Spectrum Parenting

Parenting is a subject that I usually try to stay away from. (Altho my close friends will well remember the times I have strongly spoken my mind on the subject.)
The longer I am a parent to more I hesitate to give any advice on the subject. Each child is so different, and Each parent is responsible for finding what works for their own child. As parents we are responsible before God for raising our own children and in his word find that infinite wisdom for each situation.

The Challenge is finding that family balance when you have personalities that are at each end of the color spectrum. I find this to be an hourly Challenge!
  Example: We discovered that we had a flat tire on the way to school this morning. We were still close enough to the house where we could all have walked home. As we sat there discussing what to do, one daughter Hopefully suggested that they could just stay home today, and instantly the other daughter went into panic mode over the mere thought of missing another day of school! ( she stayed home with upset tummy yesterday) I do know how to change a tire but won't do it unless I HAVE to!
We called my BFF/neighbor and she gave the girls a ride and all was well!

We had parent teacher conferences last night and I am in awe at how fearfully and wonderfully made my children are!
It's so nice to have someone recognize and praise my husband and I for all the effort we have put into raising Godly Children! Too often people will say, You are so blessed to have 'Good' kids!
Yes, They are a Blessing and God is working in their hearts. But every once in a while it is sooo pleasant to hear, "Good Job, Mom and Dad". Because it does take alot of prayer, tears and hardwork to raise 'Good' kids!

So next time you notice a mama struggling to do whats right with her kids, instead of rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself how YOU would handle the situation. (Guilty here) Smile at her and tell her what a great job she is doing, and that you understand how much effort it takes to raise children.

AND next time you consistantly see the same child acting up.. PRAY! Pray for the mom and dad, they do need it.
Good kids are not born 'Good'.

Here we are trying to squeeze out  the last bit of our Good Natured Autumn!

Enjoying a 60 degree November Day in Iowa with Friends!

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  1. Beautifully put! You are a doing a GREAT job with your kids :) God Bless you!


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