Just one Goat

Just one goat can change a needy family's lives forever.

Just one goat can make the difference between life and death for a mama's loved baby!!

Take a moment to watch this video and see how 1 goat can made such a HUGE difference in in this Family's life!!

HaddyGrace Designs will be using 10% of our income from now through the end of December to buy Gifts of Animals for Families just like this one!!
Are you interested in Giving a gift yourself? Go to World Vision and choose from a whole list of Gifts that show a family that Someone DOES care about them!!

$1.50 of this order goes for a Gift of Life! Baby Girl Owl Shoes

 $1.50 of this order also! Baby Boy Camo Shoes

$1.50 of these Christmas Shoes goes for buying a Goat for a starving family.

 $2.20 of this Christmas Pillowcase dress Helps a Hungry baby!!

Thank you so much for making it Possible for HaddyGrace to help Families that are in Desperate need of the nutrition that these gifts of animals give!

I will keep you posted!!


  1. I need to order some BOY outfits, but don't see many :) We are having a BOY and would love to support your store and the goat fund. Such a cool ministry of world vision!

  2. Ria, Congrats on having a BOY!!!!! I can do almost anything, so if you see something you like else where send me the link and I can make it!!!

    I get lots of request for boy things!! :) Really need towork on that!!


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