Christmas Gift Guide!!!

Christmas!!! Ahh what a Lovely time of year.. the hunting for just the right gift is so exciting.. I LOVE when I stumble across something that would make a PERFECT gift for Someone!!!  Etsy is a wonderful place to shop and also PINTREST!! I am addicted to pinterest.. if you haven't tried it, You must!!  It is loaded with gift ideas. And for those of you who like homemade gifts it has hundreds of DIY projects!!!

here are some ADORABLE felt envelopes for pretend play!! My toddler and preschooler would LOVE these!!

OMW!!!  wouldn't my preteen daughters Feel so grown up with a Journal that actually LOCKS!!

                                      Since the movie Walle, My son is flipped over robots and I know he would be crazy over this one !                                

Or how about this Gorgeous scarf for Your MOM?

The longer I browse on Etsy the more AMAZING shops I find. This gift is perfect for that hard working Mama friend that doesn't seem to never have the time or money to pamper herself!
This Grapefruit sugar scrub Looks amazing and I am pretty sure I can smell it by just looking at the picture!

OK, Cannot forget the guys!! they are the hardest to buy for anyway!!

Now... my husband REALLY needs this camo apron it's name brand camo (Mossy Oak) which is really important and I think he would actually wear it and there would be no more ruined shirts caused by sudden grilling inspirations!

I know, Coffee mugs.. they're the kind of gift that says 'I just didn't know what else to get you.'  BUT this Antler Mug would say 'I respect that deer hunting is a BIG part of your life." to, my husband, my dad, my brothers or ANY of my brother-in-laws!!

Yes, deer hunting is a large part of my husbands life right now..  so much so that my son has taken to dressing like this...

And acting like THIS!!

Not to mention that strange little tube he carries around, using it to make strange guttural animal sounds!!  :)

Happy Christmas shopping !!


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