Keeping Fall at 'Arms Length'

Feeding the Ducks and Geese along the Beautiful Cedar River.

Well, there is no denying that here in the Midwest, Fall is here! The air is crisp and the wind is ever-present. Conversations with my husband are starting to always include the words, 'bowhunting', 'opening day', 'treestand', ect.
Do I enjoy fall? this is the question I have asked myself and a few of my friends have also asked me, 'How do you feel about fall?"....... Have you ever been afraid to embrace something fully because your afraid of what will happen next? Kind of like, being afraid to let yourself fall in love because of the fear of getting your heart broke, OR, (This was me)

Not bringing my baby into my bed to snuggle with all night long

because I was afraid that She would NEVER learn to sleep in her own bed!! (I no longer fear that, I get plenty of snuggles in now.)

Well, I have decided that's how i feel about 'fall'. I really love the cooler weather, the changing leaves, and putting my Garden to bed for the winter. I love wearing Jeans and digging the cozy clothes from storage. BUT.... I am 'afraid' that if i embrace 'Fall' with too much warmth and encouragement, winter will only come sooner!!!! I like winter, but 2 month of it would be plenty for me. So here we are on a Sunday afternoon,doing something to try to keep 'Fall' from feeling to welcome in hopes that winter will know it's Not welcome AT ALL!!!

Poor Mitchell, being 2 is so tough!!! He is SOOO frustrated that his sisters took all the bread for the ducks and left him with the empty bag.

Yes, hanging on to summer, Rock climbing in FLIP FLOPS!!!

"Here, Goosey. Goosey."

My Beautiful 'first-born' (Kristina) and her baby sister.

As good as it will get. Kristina 9, Staci 7, Mitchell 2, Hadassah 8mo.

My camera-shy son.. He HATES looking at the camera,

My Baby and I..

Never yet was there a Winter that was not followed by Spring! So I am going to practice welcoming Fall, because I know that Spring Will follow _ _ _ _ _ _.


  1. So cute. I love fall but I hate winter. And seems that the midwest has no problem dragging winer out to 5 months. I've grown up here most of my life but have briefly lived south east and let me tell you, it spoiled me. Now, i am back in the midwest and I'm pretty sure winters out to prove a point to me:)LOL Enjoy the fall! Pray it lasts very long!Happy mothering!


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