HaddyGrace, Dry Bunz cloth Diapers

If your gonna wear cloth it might as well be cute!!!

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ahhh !! think of all the money you will save by using these adorable diapers!
Ready to save some money yet not sure if cloth diapering is for you? read what my friend Rachel wrote about her experience.. http://thenoltfamily.blogspot.com/p/cloth-diapering.html
Dry Bunz Cloth Diapers are the product of my own experience with wanting to save money when baby #3 arrived, yet i was convinced there was a better way that the conventional way of cloth diapering with pins and rubber pants..
what I discovered was, There is a better way, but paying 16 - 18 dollars for a cloth diaper seemed foolish to me. but I decided to order a few to check them out, and thus started my journey to designing a pattern that fit better than the 16.50 diaper i had bought. My first DryBunz was born about 3 month after baby #3 I loved how the fit and Loved the feeling of being frugal that it gave me to use them over and over again!!! I am now using those same diapers on baby#4 and still loving them!!
Dry Bunz are created with Polyurathane Laminate Polyester fabric (PUL Fabric) This fabric is so soft and flexible that it's hard to believe that it's waterproof.
the lining of the Dry Bunz is of the softest Micro fleece. Mirco Fleece holds no Liquid so it all passes through the fleece into the absorbent liner leaving your baby's bottom dry!!
The Liner which is inserted in the back between the PUL and the fleece, is Microfiber terry and holds up to 7 times it's own weight in liquid. The liner is 12 inches by 12 inches, flods up to fit inside the diaper and unfolds again for easy washing and drying!
I use only the highest quality Velcro called 'Aplix'. the Aplix will hold up wash after wash after wash. With my first few diapers I used generic velcro from a local fabric shop and ended up replacing it after only a few month.
still not sure if you want to give them a try?? head on over to my cloth diaper page and look at more pictures http://haddygracedesigns.blogspot.com/p/cloth-diapering.html
or to my FaceBook discussions page
and see what people are saying about DryBunz!! or contact me with your questions at onlygrace@myclearwave.net


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