What makes our Friday Fabulous???
This is the Friday of all Fridays, The weekend that our church (Gospel Lighthouse) hosts it's annual 2 day, Free admission, Gospel Sing! We expect 3,000 people over the course of the 2 days and lots of good music!

Funnel Cakes!!!!

The Highlight of the day is watching my daughters and their classmates preform! Always brings tears to my eyes! All the donations and proceeds from the meals goes to Lighthouse Academy, this keeps tuition costs lower than most private Christian schools. Thank You Jesus for Christian education!!

I plan on visiting with my friends all day!! I have missed them so much, We have all been so busy! thats my..Fabulous FRIDAY!! link up and tell us about yours!



  1. RUTHANN! I loveeeee your blog and the pictures :) It is SO sweet!! I am going to start ordering outfits for baby showers! YES! Bless you!


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