It's a sweater, no wait, it's a dress, it's a SWEATER DRESS

With the cool winds of fall blowing more and more frequently here in the Midwest, we start digging for warmer clothes, Whats more fun than a brand new wardrobe for a brand new season? Looking for something different? something unique, yet cute and functional? Try HaddyGrace Sweater Dresses! Made with High quality sweater knit fabric that is has a smooth outside and a fleece feel inside, The fabric has a slight stretch so it's comfortable and perfect for that little tomboy!

to make the dress even more unique and lovable, you get to choose your own design.. hand sewn mushroom or dragonfly.
Chilly day at he pumpkin patch? No Need for an extra layer, HaddyGrace Sweater Dresses are designed with a hood to keep little ears warm!

Prices/sizes: 0-2 $25.00 3-8 $32.00
Get your order in early! contact me @ or 641 220 3794


  1. Oh my heaven, those dresses are gorgeous! At the moment I am really sad we live in Florida. Is there any way you could make a tank style sweater dress? :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I LOVE your designs! Let me know if you ever want to do a giveaway or promotion on my site! I'm now following!

    living well, spending less


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