Screen Free Spring Break




Am I brave enough to decide to a screen free spring break week?? (this week is half days of school, next week is actual spring break for us)
That would mean no movies, no Netflix, no Ipad, no Ipod.
To be honest, I feel like my kiddos are getting way to much screen time lately.. the winter has been cruel, no friendly play outside snow days, it's been nasty blizzards with more snow than even I can walk in. That's my excuse for why my family has been getting so much screen time..
Last summer we enforced a no screen time rule and we loved it so much that when school started we modified it only a tad to no screen time on school nights... well that lasted until recently... recently even some school nights have been movie nights.
Here are the pros and cons for a screen free spring break:
More 'together' time.
More constructive play.
More reading.
They will sleep better.
Messier house (from constructive play),
Less peace and quiet,
2-3 days of agony as they go through withdrawals,
More of my energy needed for creative entertainment during withdrawal stage.
And I am thinking that if we are brave enough to go screen free it sure will help us glide right into our screen free summer of 2014..
So what do you think??? go for it??? or No???


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