Easy Seasoned Pretzles

I don't know if there is a bigger ongoing Challenge that I have found in motherhood than the one of helping my family have healthy eating habits. It wasn't not so bad when the kiddos where all little and didn't know much about junk food.
Enter School and classmate lunch envy (and they discover Dads junk food stash sooner or later any way) What I wasn't prepared for was their begging for Ramen Noodles, and Lunchables.
I would've been able to understand their begging for delicious junk food like Doritos and Cheetos. I would've been able to relate to that!! 
However as tempted as I am to buy those salty snacks that I crave and they beg for, when you consider the fact that one bag can cost close to 5$ and it takes my family of 6 less than 30 minutes to eat that 5$ bag of Doritos, That just isn't going to fit into our grocery budget at all...
That's when I remembered the delicious seasoned pretzel snack my mom used to make for us....
Cheaper than Doritos and healthier too!!
All you need is 3 ingredients :
18-20 oz. of little pretzels
1 cup olive oil
1 package (3 tbsp.) of ranch seasoning
Mix the oil and seasoning and toss with the pretzels until they are completely covered.
next, microwave the pretzels for 1 minute at a time for 4-5 minutes stirring thoroughly after each minute until pretzels seem to be dry..
Yes it's that simple...
and here are some variation seasonings to try:
3 tbs. Honey Mustard seasoning,
1tsp. garlic salt
1tsp. onion powder
1tsp. dill weed



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