Balancing Motherhood and Business

What does it mean to be a work at home mom??
Where is that fine balance between family and customers??
It means being able to carry on with Lego play while working online.
It means accidentally taking a sip of room temperature juice instead of a sip of twice warmed, lukewarm coffee.
It means Majoring on the Majors, and minoring on the minors.
Sometimes my fridge doesn't get cleaned for weeks (months).
It means knowing when to delegate.
No one loves your children as much as you do. so no one is going to make the choices that you do in their lives. Your children will know when you 'aren't there'. your customers won't care if you didn't do it, as long as it gets done like they expect it.
It means knowing when to tell a customer "not now" (or "no").
Knowing that sometimes the timing for your family just isn't right for you to take that giant step forward for your business.
It means that some days you bite off more than you can chew and your kids end up getting way more screen time than you intended.
It means saying 'no' to most mommy groups and play dates because although you don't 'GO' to work you still 'work'.
It means asking Daddy to help with the dishes and laundry and house work and not feeling guilty about it.
It means that some nights you don't get to bed until wee hours of the morning, and then you still get up 2-3 times before morning to tend to a sick child.
It means dreaming big, and even bigger, but then being ok with saying, "when my children are older I will pursue that."
It means forgiving yourself for all the times you didn't quite meet every one's needs.
It means not caring that your house isn't quite kept like mama taught you to keep house. (hire a house keeper if an unkept house is hindering your creativity and ability to get your work done)
It means knowing that laying it all down and being 100% present for your family is still worth more than all the money you could ever make.
After all, our children want our presence more than they want our presents...  
Rarely do I find that perfect balance between motherhood and business, I don't know if I have ever felt that I have found the perfect balance. Its a constant juggle..
Treat your self with grace,,, plenty of grace for those days when walking the tightrope of business while carrying the pole of motherhood is overwhelming.



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