Ice Road Mama

It snowed!! It snowed yesterday, a few inches that started out as rain/sleet/slush but ended in a beautiful fluffy flakes falling gently from a night sky. The kind of snow that makes the whole world seem magical!

However, What happens when you get a full inch of slush on a gravel road and then  a dozen cars drive on it an smash it flat and then the temp drops to below freezing??  ICE ROADS!!  Yes! you DO NOT want to hit the brakes, and you pray really hard that no deer want to cross the road! And I become "Ice Road Mama" for  a few stressful minutes each morning as I take the girls to school and again in the afternoon when I bring them home. The Kids all sit on the edge of there seat praying hard that we stay out of the ditch.
 But don't worry, by the time March comes around I will be a pro at these I roads! I might even win the prize for most loads hauled!

Hadassah doesn't remember snow from last winter, That's why we headed outside into the snow at 7am!
In this part of the country you DO NOT waste a 25 degree/fresh snow morning by staying inside. There are WAY to many below zero, blizzard like mornings.

 Wind tears

And then we headed inside for a brakfast of scrambled eggs and plain yogurt with honey and we still made it to Sunday School on time!


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