Alligator Skin be-gone

Winter = Dry skin in our house, Especially with the 2 younger children. Dry skin because I am either not putting any lotion on because I HATE slathering on all those ingredients that I have no idea how to pronounce or what they'll do to my babies. Or, I have spent an outrageous amount of money on some lotion that SAYS organic or all natural and use it so sparingly that the soft baby skin I want to see on them is just a dream.

Until I found this recipe on pinterest. Now I SLATHER it on those babies and their skin is silky soft like baby skin should be. The best part for me is that I KNOW exactly what 4 ingredients are used for making it. We have used almost a whole pint of it in the last few weeks and I have made a batch for gifts too!

Like my labels??  You can make your own using card stock, felt and your sewing machine. OR you can purchase them here.

One of the things that make the Christmas season so precious is togetherness.
Here is Hadassah enjoying a story with her Grandma who is visiting from 1100 miles away. Hadassah is finally starting to recognize grandma as someone who is safe and part of the family. Warms my heart!

 Here is another Family member that warms my heart. My 18 mo old niece, Sandra.
Some nieces and nephews are born knowing that I am their aunt and am a safe person to be with. Others take a while to warm up to the idea that I want to cuddle them and get plenty of hugs from them. Sandra has been one of those hard to win nieces. All the more reason to count it as a victory when she allows me to hug her, Says my mane or gives me the chance to take her ADORABLE little picture. She hasn't yet voluntarily come and given me a hug but I know it's JUST around the corner!

This week my goal is to finish all my Christmas orders and.... WRAP PRESENTS!!!


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