It's a Jungle out Here (in there)

It's a Jungle, A jungle of amidst Mt. Laundry, The river of dirty dish water runs right through the middle of my day. The creatures are out of control, fighting over, no not food and nourishment, but playthings and rights. There are monkey vines of tangled thread. Foothills of fabric ranging from faux fur to satin.
The master of the Jungle leaves early each morning with a kiss to his 'Second in command' confident that she can keep the jungle under control for another day!
As the sun rises I step out onto the deck where all is at peace. God's world is so very organized. It soothes my sol as I drink in the quietness! 

Yes I can manage this Jungle called FAMILY! I can keep the little creatures' attitudes in check, I can keep Mt laundry from erupting, I can exercise self control and not spend all my time in my sewing corner and cook something nutritious for my family at least a few times a week!

I can Because With my God I can do all things!

So On the Jungle theme...  Giraffe Coat here
                                                          Zoey Zebra 2 pc outfit here

Zebra coat here

                                                               Zebra birthday outfit here

                                                      Zebra soft sole baby shoes here

And of course the Zebra pillowcase dress here

Blessed to be Queen of my Jungle!!!


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