Every Good Day Includes............

A good day is the kind of day where you have everything all planned out. You are so ambitious, and going to be so productive! You are right on track to get more stuff accomplished than you've gotten done all week so far. AND THEN, it all changes with a little text message saying, "Let's go get pumpkins and paint them!"

All my plans fly to to wind.
Who's going to care if my house is in disarray, my windows are so full of finger prints it's hard to see the crisp blue Autumn sky.
My sewing corner is hard to get to because of all the piles of fabric and tangled thread, And the GI Joe men are tangled up with legos and baby dolls.
      But who cares??
There's fun to be had, and Memories to be made!
And If you're anything like me you are not the one usually planning these impromptu days, But all you need is one little text message from a friend and you're all to ready to sweep the not-so-fun stuff under the rug!

And so a Good day turns into a perfect Memory kind of day!
Every Great Day starts with a great cup of coffee!

And of course includes Best friends and Apple trees!

And spotting creatures in their natural habitat!

Pumpkin picking!

And painting!

The many faces of an intent artist!

Budding artist!

Because 'Real Art' requires you to get messy!!!

And Now to really get you ready for Autumn you need a few cute wardrobe items from HaddyGrace!

perfect when paired with a shirt and leggings!

Can't forget Owl Shoes to keep her toes toasty!

Got to keep His toes cozy too!!
Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Can't wait to order from you when I know the gender of Baby Thurston... only 4 weeks or so :) Blessings, cute photos!!!


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