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Happy Valentines Day week! Here is my wonderful husband and I 13+ years ago when we were dating. And I thought I loved him then! Here are some of the things I have learned about love over the years:

  • My Husband NEVER doubts my love for him. He knew I meant it 'Forever' the day I answered "Yes."

  • The easiest way to my husband's heart REALLY IS through his stomach!! Gary Chapman really should have included 'Food' in the five love languages.

  • Watch your husband be a parent and be prepared to fall in love with him in a whole new way!

  • True Love is not just fluttery, excited emotions, It's being committed to each other 'NO MATTER WHAT.

  • Marriage is work and takes lots of prayer!

  • You can read all kinds of marriage books by all kinds of authors, attend every marriage seminar in your corner of the world, But it's still Jesus that does the most wonderful work in relationships.

  • Without the Love of Jesus constantly being infused into my soul I have no True Love to share with my Husband and family

The bottom line really is this: Without Jesus (the author of marriage) our marriage would be a very poor reflection of True Love. (Thank You Jesus for all the work you have done in us and our marriage!)

And here we are now, blessed beyond measure through all that God has done for us!!

There were such high spirits in our home this week! I think I diagnosed correctly as "Spring Fever." With Temperatures in the 50's for a few days it sure felt like spring! After months of being cooped up in the house with temps too cold to go outside and play, I sure didn't feel like complaining about the mud that the kids donated to our home via their boots. We took a walk with a friend(yes, we had to go to town to do this as the gravel road in front of our house was MUDDY.) We Finished up the Tile floor that we started last week and finally started moving things back into there proper places on Wednesday. I then spent the rest of the week cleaning all the dust and dirt that had settled and collected through out the rest of the house.

3yr.old Mitchell has become his Daddy's little shadow these last couple of weeks since Daddy is temporarily unemployed and at home everyday. His swagger has been refined by days of watching Daddy be a man. His knowledge of tools and their different functions now surpasses my own knowledge of them. He has definitely gotten more dirty and ruined more clothes! Ahh watching my baby boy turn into a man is such a bittersweet thing!! My Prayer of Thanksgiving is that he has such a wonderful role model in his daddy.

The tiling team! Washing all the grout haze off the tile sure was a grueling, day-long chore! If you have ever crawled around on a tile floor for a few days or even hours then you know exactly why we hunted all through the closets until we found some foam and then used duct tape to provide our knees with some relief! I really didn't want to pose for this picture but Elvin insisted that we show off the knee pads!

Mitchell and Miss Haddy getting into trouble!! Don't you just LOVE the new floor??

This is what happens when Mom forgets to pack toddler friendly snacks on ANOTHER trip to the building supply store! A big "Thank you' to whoever invented baby wipes!!!

And this is what you do when you are 14 mo old and 100% tired of shopping!! To be honest I often feel like doing the same thing when I am shopping with my husband in a sporting goods store,... Any one else out there have the same problem??

Mr. Cucumber! Our 8 mo old English bulldog is looking for a loving home!! He is super smart (for a bulldog) and very willing to please you. (Very unlike his mom who is SUPER stubborn.)

When I heard that Thursday's temps were likely to reach the upper 50's I knew just what I was going to do!! Launder all the bedding and hang it outside to dry! On Monday and Tues. the drift under my clothes line was still so larger I started having my doubts. but by the time Thursday came there was only a tiny bit of snow left. Even the mud and slime didn't dampen my spirits about one of my favorite summertime activities!

Apparently when we tore out the floor we disturbed a bunch of box elder bugs. they have become a great pastime for Miss Haddy! She crawls after them talking to them and poking them with her finger!

Yes, she even picks them up to inspect their wiggling legs! Silly girl!

She too has become a HUGE fan of her Daddy these last couple of weeks and has started to be his little copy-cat!

Nothing really new happened in the sewing corner this week! I finished all the orders I had but didn't do much else. I am hoping to have time to work on some new stuff this week!! Here is one order I mailed this week! you can buy the dress here and the shoes here. Wouldn't they make a nice baby shower gift?

What about This one for spring??

Or This one??
Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Oh WHAT a cute couple you were back then and an even cuter couple NOW! I just love your family!!!

    Now with my hubby addicted to fishing I too feel like rolling around the floor when we spend an hour or two in the fishing area....oiy!

    *BTW.....Floors look GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. What a beautiful post!! Absolutely love it :)
    May god continue to bless you and your family. Thats a really special message :)

  3. love the pictures, new floor, and dresses!! So cute!!


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