Take-away 3 rooms, Add 3 kids = CHAOS

I don't think we could ever experience a week like this past one. Happy Chaos is what it was! Daily I reminded myself of this: My Children/nieces will not remember this week by how clean the house stayed or what we had to eat. I didn't want them to remember this week as the one that Mom spent yelling at us to 'get out of the way', 'CLEAN-UP', and ' Go to bed'. ( These were the words constantly on the tip of my tongue.) I wanted them to remember this week with pleasant yet dirty hours spent making a huge mess INSIDE the house! My 3 nieces joined our household on Last Saturday night and will be staying with us for the next 10 days. So the ages of the 7 kids in the Zimmerman house these next 10 days are: 1,2,3,4,6,8&9. !!!!!!

Here is all the kids having a bedtime story!! This pose was only TEMPORARY!! Miss Haddy never makes it thru even 1 page!!!

Here is a snap shop of my dining room/kitchen floor as it was on Monday morning!!! The rugs are covering bare floorboards from previous remodeling projects.

3 happy girls and their valentine cards for their classmates!

Kristina and Staci were so excited to take their cousin Allison to school and introduce her to all their friends. Allison was Beyond excited to attend with them!

Capturing one RARE still moment!

Mitchell, Always wanting to be like Daddy.

First-born Daughters are such a blessing when their mothering instincts start to show!!

This picture is one of my favorites, but The noises he was making while doing this were even cuter! grunts and groans abounded! :)

The hot water pipes for floor heat are in! At this point I have accepted the fact that the 7 kids in my house will only resemble 'clean' for the next couple days. I have gone into a kinda of walking coma where I only see the need of the present moment and nothing else! I've kinda given up on my Domestic life ever having breath again.

So living in the 3 remaning rooms of our home that are crammed with the furniture from the tore up rooms, I turn a blind eye to all mess making for my own sanity. Yes that is the refridgerator you see in my livingroom!!!!!!!!!!!
This is where the girls cleanoff half the bookshelf to play UsborneBook Party! Yes these are all our Usborne Books. (I used to be a consultant).

Too many girls in the house for this boy! He had such a hard time understanding that a pnch to his girl cousins tummy only made matters worse and not better like he thought they would.

best of friends and the worst of enemies!!!

Coloring on the underlayment!! By this time I was getting right down and joining in!! If you can't beat them, Join them right??

I escaped for a few minutes to enjoy the sunshine and the 40 degree weather. AHHH maybe spring will come early this year and melt these mountains of snow!! Miss Haddy had no desire to stay in the buckles of the stroller and the straps were so hard and frozen that i couldn't adjust them. I forsee a few screaming matches as she learns that the buckles are to keep her sitting down! I am a little worried because The only buckles i have not seen her climb out of YET are her carseat buckles and she has come mighty close to that a few times!!! Maybe I'll just teach er to ride a bike and I can still enjoy my walks as she peddals along with me...

My poor negelected kitchen has been turned into a toolbench!!! But Notice the tiny bit of new tile floor in the corner!!!!!

THIS was formerly the Laundry room.. Now functioning as the kitchen, bathroom, pantry and of course the Laundry too!!! I am Totally NUMB to any domestic feeling!!!!! I won't pretend to be super mom I am gonna be perfectly honest and tell you that there were a couple of nights that bedtime just couldn't come fast enough! (ok, EVERYNIGHT) But I am proud to say that each one of my mental meltdowns and my tears all happened AFTER the kids went to bed!! (Poor Hubby, I KNOW).

Here is where we are at now!!!! Isn't it Beautiful??? this is still missing the grout and is JUST the dining room but I see some light at the end of the tunnel!!! I am soo ready to put my house back together and I promise all those involved that it will be a lOOOOOOOng time before we tackle another remodling project and an even longer time before we undertake both remodeling AND babysitting at the same time!!!!
Thanks for reading this week!! I did get one big project done in the sewing corner but didn't get the time to set it up and take pictures!! Don't forget to go here and bid on some of my discontinued pillowcase dresses, last i checked one dress was only at 4.50!!!


  1. oh my, RA! Been there, done that more than once as 'this old house' is gradually renovated.....last time Allen decided a room @ a time doesn't 'cut' it we're doing 4 & stairs!! Soo much packing & moving 'that' was, kids all slept in nephews borrowed camper for 3 mo. & to this day-2 yrs later boys beds aren't up & the 'reading' room waits to be finished so some books, games etc. still packed.....AND I too would take on babysitting, no matter what, thinking, it's 'no big deal'...but, alas, it is 'stressful'...YES!~Pauline

  2. thank you for sharing..was interesting! and soon its my turn to go thru that and then I'll see if its still interesting!! ha ha Edna


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