Blaze Your own Trail

The Beginning of last week brought us some beautiful reminders of the wonderful Creator of this Universe. The ice sparkled in the sunshine on Monday morning, it was BEAUTIFUL!
Miss Haddy gave us all a good laugh as she played in the beautiful falling snow, It was an unusual snowfall for this part of the country. This snow was the type that you see in a snow globe, Gently and quietly it fell to the earth, not a breath of wind to be felt. (Generally the snow flies parallel to the ground because of the wind and the weather stations issue windchill advisories.) Temperatures were just below freezing, perfect for taking a baby outside. As Daddy and big brother made trails in the snow and tried to convince her to follow in their foot steps, she insisted on blazing her own trail, Whenever she came to a patch of snow already blazed by some one else she promptly changed direction to explore a new wilderness. So true to her personality. Very independent, my Miss Haddy.

I think she saw too much remodeling in the last few weeks.

I was sick with Strep throat a few days this week. Daddy took over kitchen duty and Mitchell was put in charge of the Guacamole. He said it needed lots of mixing and lots of tasting.

My old home school friends and our kids spent an afternoon together, the kids all crowded around the table for a snack of oranges, As I was taking pictures I looked around for Mitchell. He hadn't left my side all afternoon (anti-social). But I knew he wouldn't miss a snack. And there he was off to the side, eating his snack in peace!

An afternoon at Roller city was the perfect thing to cure the kids of their 'We Miss Daddy' Blues. So while Daddy was rubbing shoulders with thousands of other camouflage clad deer hunters at Iowa Deer Classic, we skated round and round with disco lights and loud music. Haddy cruised in her stroller while her brother watched from a safe distance with his snack.. I think he would have enjoyed the Deer Classic more..

On our way home from Roller City we stopped at a friend's horse barn hoping to get to see one of her mares have a foal. But alas, the mare decided we were to much of a distraction.. so while we waited we played with the cats, and observed alot about horses and their behaviors.

Playing with one of the babies!! He was sooo cute, walking around on his dainty little legs, and snorting his tiny little snout!

All our waiting was in vain. we finally went home and to bed.

From he sewing corner of our home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meet my niece wearing a new HaddyGrace Design.. Zoey the Zebra outfit for sizes 2-5 is available in a shirt and skirt style.

You can buy your Zoey outfit with a shirt and ruffle skirt here .

And in sizes 0mo. -18mo with a onsie and diaper cover. buy it here .

Meet Zoey!!!!

thank you for reading!! See you all next week!!


  1. Hey Ruth Ann
    Hope you'are feeling much better. Its amazing how kids have to taste test, oh i don't know like a million times!!!lol! My niece always does that.
    It seems you had a fun filled week (minus the sick part) The photos are amazing and its nice to see that the kids had a good time.
    By the way, love Miss Zoey :) Very cute!!
    Have a good week buddy!!

  2. oohhh I love the zebra outfit!!


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