Color My World

This week I tried to imagine my world without my children in it. This exercise was supposed to help my find the joy in the mundane tasks of mothering. The conclusion I came to was that without my Family, my world is 'colorless', in gray-scale...
There would be no sudden bursts of kaleidoscope color in the wee morning hours from a tiny finger being poked in your eye by a 13 month old who has suddenly decided that the world is an interesting place at 6am. No colorful patterns of orange juice and cereal all mixed together on the dining room floor. No Stacks of laundry resembling a rainbow, No 10 lb backpacks that are holding all manner of colorful things ranging from colored macaroni (art project) to shriveled apple cores. No sudden hugs from a baby and sweet words of 'I love you' from my son, No sparkling eyes from my 8yr old as she shares her day of school with me, no shared grin with my 9yr. old as we share a 'grown-up' grin about the innocence of her brother. No Shared stillness and quietness with my Husband after my box of crayons is finally settle snug for the night.

So Here is a peek at my week with my 'Crayons'.

Saved these boxes for a whole week with plans of weeding through our 3 bookshelves. Mitchell and Hadassah found them to be wonderful pirate ships and race cars!

So proud of my son! 2 months past 3 years old and he can write his name!! Can I hear a wooo hooo!!! ?

Pumpkin roll.. with creamcheese filling. kept my Husbands sweet-tooth happy for a couple of days!

2.5 days of no-school this week prompted me to dig for some projects to keep Staci and Kristina's minds busy and productive!! The Loom.

The paints.

And WhOOOOOO decided the baby could help paint????

This was the first week of my husband being temporarily laid off. I am excited for him to start the remodeling project for the year.. New floors in the dining-room, kitchen, and bathroom. Therefore the endless trip to Menard's have started. While Husband solemnly studies his list and consults with Menard's personnel, I try everything possible, to keep the little ones entertained stopping short only of those things that might get us thrown out.

Deciding to educate Hadassah on the fine art of plumbing by letting her wander the aisle, pick things from the shelves, and bring them to me so I can identify the object for her.. (this proved to be very educational for me too) :)
like her coat? You can buy it here.

My little shopping cart prisoners, making silly faces for mom.

Mitchell studying Daddy's measuring tape while Daddy does some more research for the 'Project'.

Photo shoot at the firestation with my photographer friend!! His big sis had my camera and snapped a few good pictures!! Mitchell was one happy little boy to be so up close and personal with real-life hero's!!! I am soo excited to get my CD full of pictures of my little hero

My wonderful sister and I at my church's Ladies Tea Party. We spent a wonderful evening together in the presence of the Lord. I Love my sister for accepting where the Lord is taking my family and I. No bond compares to that of sister/friends.

Miss Staci Jane, The Valentines day cards I created for my daughters to give to their friends, you cut 2 slits, 1 on the top and 1 on the bottom of the fist, then you insert a lollipop! Hopefully I can get pics of the finished cards. ( I got the idea here. )

Miss Kristina Ann and her Lollipop fist.

My Etsy shop was very quiet this week. BUT never fear you all know what that means!!! it means I had time to design something new!!! Meet Zoey the Zebra, a body suit and diaper cover for sizes 3mo. -18mo.

My plans are to put Zoey on a shirt and pair her with a skirt for sizes 2-4..

She is not on Etsy YET! But I will be sure to let you know when she makes her debut!! If you like HaddyGrace on Facebook you will be sure to know the first day she is on Etsy! (you might even find a discount coupon code on there for Zoey!

I know you might have seen these before but they haven't been listed on Etsy yet. You can buy them here.

Thanks for reading this week!! I am going to give you a hint on what this coming week has in store for us... we are babysitting my wonderful sister's 3 girls, Plus beginning the remodeling!! It is sure to be a crazy/wonderful week with 7 children in the house ranging in ages from 13mo.-9yrs. for the next 8 days.

don't forget to stop by my friend's blog and link up your crafty ideas

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  1. Hi RuthAnn
    Love your blog!!! I love how dedicated your are to your family, friends and your creative outlet. I love the stuff you are selling and am amazed that you have the time with 4 children.
    I'm a new follower and can't wait to see what else you come up with: )

    By the way, you're right. Our families are what makes us so colourful :)

  2. Super cute new design!

    Now following from
    We track all of the daily baby deals in real-time. Would love for you to stop by and follow back!

  3. I found you thru the blog hop.
    Please stop by mine and have a look.

  4. love your blog - now following!

    Your kids are too cute!

    That pumpkin roll looks delicious - i love pumpkin! Recipe???

    Those Valentine's are perfect! Love the idea - can't wait to see the finihsed product! Saving the idea for next year since we already ahve our for this year! That would be great for when my oldest starts Kindergarten nexy year! :)


  5. New follower here- thank you for taking us through your life with you, I have absolutely loved seeing your pictures and remembering when my children were that small..follow me back at when you have a chance- Thank you!

  6. Looks like you guys know how to have fun!!
    I am new follower from Making Friends Monday! Looking forward to getting to know you. =0)

  7. I'm a mom of 4 and I'm at home right now with a 3 month old and I find myself telling hubby how much I love being a mom, but...

    I think if we are overwhelmed it means that we are doing something right. It looks like your kids are very happy and you are doing 110%...

    I'm a new follower from the Where in the World hop.


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