I Thought I'd be a Cool Mom

Reality has come crashing in my friends,
Cruel harsh reality!!
I always thought I'd be a cool Mom..
Wasn't that one art my of the reason to start our family when we were barely in our twenties??
So that we'd have energy to keep up with them, and have similar interests, and share clothes, and like the same movies, be able to have fun with their friends..
But something happens...
When your firstborn stands taller than you, and turns into a teenager (I am not talking 13, I am talking when they become mouthy, and Mom knows nothing anymore,)
You as a parent will suddenly become completely and 100% grown up. No matter how young of a parent you are, you become hopelessly mature,
 you take things seriously,
elections are serious, (you can't deny any longer that you are voting for people that will affect the world your children will be adults in.)
The carefree young parent is history.. You can see the young adults your offspring are becoming, you realize that your time of influencing is drawing to a close.
You no longer worry about if your baby will sleep through the night, you now lay awake praying for your children.
 You may as well embrace the more mature and uncool you.
Because here's what's right around the corner for you. Trust me, It happened to me.
Your teenager will ask you to take her and her friends to a movie, and then will request that you not sit with them, And then suggest that maybe you could sit in the very back and pretend not to know her, or maybe you could even go get groceries and come back and pick them up!!
Yes, it happened.
 So today I am embracing the new mature me!
I am not 'cool mom'.
and that's ok.
I have plenty of other responsibilities without the responsibility of 'cool mom'.
responsibilities like:
homework checker,
lunch packer,
laundry official,
diaper changer,
doll dresser,
outfit picker outer,
modesty police,
cleaning lady,
child trainer,
dog trainer,


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