Valentine's Day Skeleton... and Fun Dip

Our Valentines Day Preparations...
You know that feeling of groping around in the dark trying to find the stairway after you fell asleep on the couch and its 1 am.??
  You're desperately trying to find your bed!!
 That happened to me the other night except in the middle of all that stumbling around in the dark I found a glowing skeleton hanging on the door!!!!
I gasped in shock sure that I was hallucinating a scene from some crime show my husband had been watching...
Turns out that the Skeleton shirt that I found at a consignment store was glow in the dark!!!
(I bought the shirt and added the felt heart for my son's Valentines day party at school.)
 My advice.. stay away from crime scenes, Skeleton shirts, and falling asleep on the couch.
You will need all the sleep you can get to try and figure out  your middle scholar. read on.....
I love pinterest for Valentine's Day card ideas!!!
There's no reason to buy ready made cards when there are so many cute DIY ideas on pinterest..  That's my philosophy..
 After pinning a bunch of ideas I allowed my Children to choose what they wanted to do..
Here is what Staci choose;  Cute huh???
And Mitchell,  (I may have influenced this one,
Bought the mustache mold and made chocolate mustaches too.)
And what is cuter than a kiss from a certain 4 year old???
However, A certain middle school child informed me that she didn't want to do something 'Different' this year.. she just wanted to do a Valentine's Day card like everyone else!!
 For a moment I felt like I couldn't breath... (exaggerating).
But I took a deep breath (or 2 or 3) and dug down deep and replied, "That's ok, we can buy you what ever cards you want."
And the next day as I put the desired Fun Dip Valentines into my Shopping cart I know I felt some of my creative juices shrivel up and die..
Then told myself, 'Its ok, Middle School is Hard, and ordinary Valentine's Day cards are completely ok too!!
In the meantime I am taking this 4 yr old and helping her make as many Valentine's Day Cards as she wants!!!!  because all too soon she will be going on 13 and will choose FUN DIP over Mamma's Home made cards!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
RuthAnn Zimmerman







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