Where'd it Go???

Where'd it go??
It's gone!!
Each night as I close the windows so that the early morning air won't freeze our toes while we are at the breakfast table, I wonder, Did I enjoy every moment? Did we soak up all that Vit. D that we only dream about in the winter, Did we let the kids stay up late enough? Did we sleep in often enough? did we REALLY enjoy every drop of SUNSHINE??? Did we go swimming often enough? Did we have enough picnics? And sit around enough campfires? Did we enjoy each bite of 'fresh from the garden' veggies??
So this post about summer is a therapy post for me, What do I hope to gain from this therapy session? I hope to gain an understanding of how BUSY our summer really was! This realization will hopefully help me embrace the cooler days of Autumn, the, earlier bedtimes, the quieter days spent with only 'Little Blue' and 'Honeysuckle' while their sisters are at school.
So here goes... a quick photo journey through our summer...

We thoroughly enjoyed EVERY minute of the 4th of July Celebrations in our community!
We played OFTEN and HARD with cousins!
Ate campfire food!
Played in the dirt and shared tall tales with cousins around the campfire!
Snuck out in the early morning to pick the rasberries from the only producing plant!
Harvested with Thankful hearts from our garden.
Played in a warm summer downpour....
and the puddles it created!
butchered the chickens that I wrote about http://haddygracedesigns.blogspot.com/2011_03_01_archive.html
Put LOTS of sweet corn in our freezer!
Yes, everyone helped! :)
And now Miss Green and...
'Miss Yellow' are back to school.
Yes, it was a busy summer! And I guess Autumn is upon us regardless how I feel about it! And with Autumn comes A fresh beginning. A chance to start new schedules, new habits, set new goals. Even new resolutions!
my goals for this Autumn??
1. Make every moment count!!
2.Earn enough money on my Etsy shop to buy myself a new laptop. ( mine crashed so now I have to share my evening PC time with 'Big Blue'.
3.Start making new friends on Blogger again!!
4. Start (and finish) the Princess and the Kiss Bible study with 'Miss Green' who is fast heading towards adolecense.
Whats your #1 goal for Autumn??? Go ahead and share! I'd love to hear from you!!


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