Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's a sweater, no wait, it's a dress, it's a SWEATER DRESS

With the cool winds of fall blowing more and more frequently here in the Midwest, we start digging for warmer clothes, Whats more fun than a brand new wardrobe for a brand new season? Looking for something different? something unique, yet cute and functional? Try HaddyGrace Sweater Dresses! Made with High quality sweater knit fabric that is has a smooth outside and a fleece feel inside, The fabric has a slight stretch so it's comfortable and perfect for that little tomboy!

to make the dress even more unique and lovable, you get to choose your own design.. hand sewn mushroom or dragonfly.
Chilly day at he pumpkin patch? No Need for an extra layer, HaddyGrace Sweater Dresses are designed with a hood to keep little ears warm!

Prices/sizes: 0-2 $25.00 3-8 $32.00
Get your order in early! contact me @ or 641 220 3794

Thursday, September 9, 2010


What makes our Friday Fabulous???
This is the Friday of all Fridays, The weekend that our church (Gospel Lighthouse) hosts it's annual 2 day, Free admission, Gospel Sing! We expect 3,000 people over the course of the 2 days and lots of good music!

Funnel Cakes!!!!

The Highlight of the day is watching my daughters and their classmates preform! Always brings tears to my eyes! All the donations and proceeds from the meals goes to Lighthouse Academy, this keeps tuition costs lower than most private Christian schools. Thank You Jesus for Christian education!!

I plan on visiting with my friends all day!! I have missed them so much, We have all been so busy! thats my..Fabulous FRIDAY!! link up and tell us about yours!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

HaddyGrace, Dry Bunz cloth Diapers

If your gonna wear cloth it might as well be cute!!!

Showing an insert

ahhh !! think of all the money you will save by using these adorable diapers!
Ready to save some money yet not sure if cloth diapering is for you? read what my friend Rachel wrote about her experience..
Dry Bunz Cloth Diapers are the product of my own experience with wanting to save money when baby #3 arrived, yet i was convinced there was a better way that the conventional way of cloth diapering with pins and rubber pants..
what I discovered was, There is a better way, but paying 16 - 18 dollars for a cloth diaper seemed foolish to me. but I decided to order a few to check them out, and thus started my journey to designing a pattern that fit better than the 16.50 diaper i had bought. My first DryBunz was born about 3 month after baby #3 I loved how the fit and Loved the feeling of being frugal that it gave me to use them over and over again!!! I am now using those same diapers on baby#4 and still loving them!!
Dry Bunz are created with Polyurathane Laminate Polyester fabric (PUL Fabric) This fabric is so soft and flexible that it's hard to believe that it's waterproof.
the lining of the Dry Bunz is of the softest Micro fleece. Mirco Fleece holds no Liquid so it all passes through the fleece into the absorbent liner leaving your baby's bottom dry!!
The Liner which is inserted in the back between the PUL and the fleece, is Microfiber terry and holds up to 7 times it's own weight in liquid. The liner is 12 inches by 12 inches, flods up to fit inside the diaper and unfolds again for easy washing and drying!
I use only the highest quality Velcro called 'Aplix'. the Aplix will hold up wash after wash after wash. With my first few diapers I used generic velcro from a local fabric shop and ended up replacing it after only a few month.
still not sure if you want to give them a try?? head on over to my cloth diaper page and look at more pictures
or to my FaceBook discussions page
and see what people are saying about DryBunz!! or contact me with your questions at

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Keeping Fall at 'Arms Length'

Feeding the Ducks and Geese along the Beautiful Cedar River.

Well, there is no denying that here in the Midwest, Fall is here! The air is crisp and the wind is ever-present. Conversations with my husband are starting to always include the words, 'bowhunting', 'opening day', 'treestand', ect.
Do I enjoy fall? this is the question I have asked myself and a few of my friends have also asked me, 'How do you feel about fall?"....... Have you ever been afraid to embrace something fully because your afraid of what will happen next? Kind of like, being afraid to let yourself fall in love because of the fear of getting your heart broke, OR, (This was me)

Not bringing my baby into my bed to snuggle with all night long

because I was afraid that She would NEVER learn to sleep in her own bed!! (I no longer fear that, I get plenty of snuggles in now.)

Well, I have decided that's how i feel about 'fall'. I really love the cooler weather, the changing leaves, and putting my Garden to bed for the winter. I love wearing Jeans and digging the cozy clothes from storage. BUT.... I am 'afraid' that if i embrace 'Fall' with too much warmth and encouragement, winter will only come sooner!!!! I like winter, but 2 month of it would be plenty for me. So here we are on a Sunday afternoon,doing something to try to keep 'Fall' from feeling to welcome in hopes that winter will know it's Not welcome AT ALL!!!

Poor Mitchell, being 2 is so tough!!! He is SOOO frustrated that his sisters took all the bread for the ducks and left him with the empty bag.

Yes, hanging on to summer, Rock climbing in FLIP FLOPS!!!

"Here, Goosey. Goosey."

My Beautiful 'first-born' (Kristina) and her baby sister.

As good as it will get. Kristina 9, Staci 7, Mitchell 2, Hadassah 8mo.

My camera-shy son.. He HATES looking at the camera,

My Baby and I..

Never yet was there a Winter that was not followed by Spring! So I am going to practice welcoming Fall, because I know that Spring Will follow _ _ _ _ _ _.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Just Married with Coupons

Fall Designs are here!!!!!

Here it is!!! the sneak Peek at the HaddyGrace fall Design!!! Sweater dresses!!!!! for your little girls, 6mo all the way up to size 8!!!! This is a 'rough draft' of my first sketch! I have made a few changes and will be adding some embellishments and ACCESSORIES!!! :) I am So excited for you to see all the different colors!!

My goal for next week is to make a dress in every color, get my models and photographer together and have them ready for you before we leave for vacation on the 12!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good-By Summer

I can finally say it.. "Summer is over". A few weeks ago I hated the thought of summer with it's hours of sunshine, hours of sand and wind at the lake, fresh fruit by the buckets, sleeping in, sleeping under the stars, baby kittens, The sound of loads of fun as the kids play in the sprinkler, the stillness of reading under the shade tree, the fresh smell of laundry that has been dried in the hot summer sun.

This Picture is the exact moment of GOOD-BY SUMMER. This was the exact moment that I accepted the fact that fall was right around the corner. BUT first lets remember all the FUN times of summer!!

This was supposed to be the perfect family picture!! It did not happen, the rock was not big enough and the 2yr old was more worried about making sure he has his share of the rock!! LOL

Our night 'UNDER THE STARS'. NO!!! this was not my Idea! Their Daddy thought they needed the experience of sleeping 'Under the Stars'.. did we have fun?? everyone else got a good night of sleep, I know because i listened to them breath all night! I lay there planning the easiest way to get all 4 of my children to safety if a mountain lion (i remembered after everyone else was sleeping,someone spotting one at the exact place we were staying) should wonder what we are doing in his territory!!! Not my favorite part of the summer!!

Endless, FUN, days spent cooling off at the lake.
Swimming beauties, my daughters and their BFF!

Goggle Girl!

Strawberry picking birthday party!!! This was LOADS of fun!!!!

Kittens are always good for hours of entertainment.

My Woodland Fairy baby.

Little boys and mud puddles... A classic sign of summer.
T-Ball in the backyard.
So - long summer I will miss you! But i am getting more and more excited for fall..... Because I am soooo excited to wear my Fall HaddyGrace design on my girls!!! Within the next day or 2 I will have a sneak peek picture for you!! You will Love them! I Promise!!
Cannot wait for my new accessory design to start taking shape, so far it's still a picture in my head, but first chance I get I will be putting a pattern together!!!
So Welcome Fall with your colors, smells and rosy cheeks! Looking forward to hours spend with my sewing machine, and afternoons cuddled up with my 'little ones' and a STACK of picture books!!