Pumpkin Pies and Grandma

Today was the kind of day that I have dreamed of so often!! You know the kind of day where the Lord sends his Angels to do all my house work while I get to cuddle the baby and sew ALL DAY!!! Today was my day like that because my MOM came to my house today, My mom lives 1,100 miles away, so to have her spend a day at our house is so special for all of us. She brought a whole basket of butternut squash straight from my brother's field,

Butternut squash makes the BEST pumpkin pies. Mom got right to work getting the Squash ready to cook and then put into the freezer to make lots of pumpkin pies for the upcoming Holidays!

Yes while I was happily sewing away my mom and sister were busy in the kitchen!!! It was BLISS. Needless to say the kitchen is not my favorite place to be! After lunch dishes were all done (by Mom ans Sis) and girls were home from school Mom was still busy in the kitchen making PUMPKIN PIES!!! The whole House smelled soooo delicious!! Yes, It was a perfect day! Good conversations with family, Mom cooking in my kitchen, and Me getting projects off the list.
My Children and their Grandma busy makin Pumpkin Pies using Butternut Squash.

Hadassah was not happy about being the only one not getting her hands messy!

Here is one of the items I finished today.. This is the pair of soft sole shoes that were won in a contest on my FB page! If you are not yet a fan of my FB page do so now toget first updates of new items, sales and contests! The other to Items I made today were for a special oder.I can't share them yet because they are for a birthday gift, but i promise you will love them and they are CUTE!!!


  1. what 'classic' photo's!!! Sounds almost perfect but I'm sure you left out the 'hrs' of preparation you did days before their visit..... But, you're soo right to savor the day!
    And your sewing amazes me & I wonder if I'd still be doing that if we hadn't chosen the homeschool lifestyle....having the whole family here 24/7 is mostly precious but doesn't give me the 'space' I need to get into projects....~~Pauline

  2. So precious to see your mother enjoying a Grandmother's Day with your children. May grace be with you all.- Lorene

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    Have an awesome weekend!

  5. The pictures of your kids working in the kitchen are precious!


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