Fabric Shopping Adventure

Today was our big adventure to the Fabric store!!! The fall/winter designs are done but I needed fabric for them! Why was it a big adventure?? Well because Me and My 2 yr. old (who Hates shopping, But hates babysitters even more!) well there is one babysitter that he likes BUT she is one of my best friends and I invited her and her 5mo. old to go with us as she is a 'crafter too!!) So we were, Rachel, 5mo old Easton, Me, 2yr. old Mitchell, AND 8 mo. old Hadassah!!! ANYTHING could happen with that age group!!
After delivering my 2 older daughters to school, we stopped at the grocery store for some special snacks (bribes) to add to the stash in Mitchell's Survivor backpack!!
Yes!! we used all 8 'Fruit Strips' :)

This nap on the drive (1hr) to the fabric shop is what saved the WHOLE day!

BLISS!!! Finally those fall designs, are taking on some color!!!! I found THE PERFECT fabric!!!

We rewarded ourselves with Chipotle for lunch.. Yes, when you are from the boonies eating at Chipotle is a BIG TREAT!! Our table had more entertaining value than a three ring circus has!!, yes it was a crazy lunch!! Hadassah was wanting 'real' food instead of her baby food!!!

Hadassah!! bright eyed and awake on our ride home!!!
Thank you Rachel for keeping me 'sane' today!!!!!


  1. I had so much fun! Can't wait to do it again! :)

  2. 'treats' and a good nap are the way to go with toddlers! lol


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