Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blaze Your own Trail

The Beginning of last week brought us some beautiful reminders of the wonderful Creator of this Universe. The ice sparkled in the sunshine on Monday morning, it was BEAUTIFUL!
Miss Haddy gave us all a good laugh as she played in the beautiful falling snow, It was an unusual snowfall for this part of the country. This snow was the type that you see in a snow globe, Gently and quietly it fell to the earth, not a breath of wind to be felt. (Generally the snow flies parallel to the ground because of the wind and the weather stations issue windchill advisories.) Temperatures were just below freezing, perfect for taking a baby outside. As Daddy and big brother made trails in the snow and tried to convince her to follow in their foot steps, she insisted on blazing her own trail, Whenever she came to a patch of snow already blazed by some one else she promptly changed direction to explore a new wilderness. So true to her personality. Very independent, my Miss Haddy.

I think she saw too much remodeling in the last few weeks.

I was sick with Strep throat a few days this week. Daddy took over kitchen duty and Mitchell was put in charge of the Guacamole. He said it needed lots of mixing and lots of tasting.

My old home school friends and our kids spent an afternoon together, the kids all crowded around the table for a snack of oranges, As I was taking pictures I looked around for Mitchell. He hadn't left my side all afternoon (anti-social). But I knew he wouldn't miss a snack. And there he was off to the side, eating his snack in peace!

An afternoon at Roller city was the perfect thing to cure the kids of their 'We Miss Daddy' Blues. So while Daddy was rubbing shoulders with thousands of other camouflage clad deer hunters at Iowa Deer Classic, we skated round and round with disco lights and loud music. Haddy cruised in her stroller while her brother watched from a safe distance with his snack.. I think he would have enjoyed the Deer Classic more..

On our way home from Roller City we stopped at a friend's horse barn hoping to get to see one of her mares have a foal. But alas, the mare decided we were to much of a distraction.. so while we waited we played with the cats, and observed alot about horses and their behaviors.

Playing with one of the babies!! He was sooo cute, walking around on his dainty little legs, and snorting his tiny little snout!

All our waiting was in vain. we finally went home and to bed.

From he sewing corner of our home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meet my niece wearing a new HaddyGrace Design.. Zoey the Zebra outfit for sizes 2-5 is available in a shirt and skirt style.

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Meet Zoey!!!!

thank you for reading!! See you all next week!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What I have learned about TrueLove


Happy Valentines Day week! Here is my wonderful husband and I 13+ years ago when we were dating. And I thought I loved him then! Here are some of the things I have learned about love over the years:

  • My Husband NEVER doubts my love for him. He knew I meant it 'Forever' the day I answered "Yes."

  • The easiest way to my husband's heart REALLY IS through his stomach!! Gary Chapman really should have included 'Food' in the five love languages.

  • Watch your husband be a parent and be prepared to fall in love with him in a whole new way!

  • True Love is not just fluttery, excited emotions, It's being committed to each other 'NO MATTER WHAT.

  • Marriage is work and takes lots of prayer!

  • You can read all kinds of marriage books by all kinds of authors, attend every marriage seminar in your corner of the world, But it's still Jesus that does the most wonderful work in relationships.

  • Without the Love of Jesus constantly being infused into my soul I have no True Love to share with my Husband and family

The bottom line really is this: Without Jesus (the author of marriage) our marriage would be a very poor reflection of True Love. (Thank You Jesus for all the work you have done in us and our marriage!)

And here we are now, blessed beyond measure through all that God has done for us!!

There were such high spirits in our home this week! I think I diagnosed correctly as "Spring Fever." With Temperatures in the 50's for a few days it sure felt like spring! After months of being cooped up in the house with temps too cold to go outside and play, I sure didn't feel like complaining about the mud that the kids donated to our home via their boots. We took a walk with a friend(yes, we had to go to town to do this as the gravel road in front of our house was MUDDY.) We Finished up the Tile floor that we started last week and finally started moving things back into there proper places on Wednesday. I then spent the rest of the week cleaning all the dust and dirt that had settled and collected through out the rest of the house.

3yr.old Mitchell has become his Daddy's little shadow these last couple of weeks since Daddy is temporarily unemployed and at home everyday. His swagger has been refined by days of watching Daddy be a man. His knowledge of tools and their different functions now surpasses my own knowledge of them. He has definitely gotten more dirty and ruined more clothes! Ahh watching my baby boy turn into a man is such a bittersweet thing!! My Prayer of Thanksgiving is that he has such a wonderful role model in his daddy.

The tiling team! Washing all the grout haze off the tile sure was a grueling, day-long chore! If you have ever crawled around on a tile floor for a few days or even hours then you know exactly why we hunted all through the closets until we found some foam and then used duct tape to provide our knees with some relief! I really didn't want to pose for this picture but Elvin insisted that we show off the knee pads!

Mitchell and Miss Haddy getting into trouble!! Don't you just LOVE the new floor??

This is what happens when Mom forgets to pack toddler friendly snacks on ANOTHER trip to the building supply store! A big "Thank you' to whoever invented baby wipes!!!

And this is what you do when you are 14 mo old and 100% tired of shopping!! To be honest I often feel like doing the same thing when I am shopping with my husband in a sporting goods store,... Any one else out there have the same problem??

Mr. Cucumber! Our 8 mo old English bulldog is looking for a loving home!! He is super smart (for a bulldog) and very willing to please you. (Very unlike his mom who is SUPER stubborn.)

When I heard that Thursday's temps were likely to reach the upper 50's I knew just what I was going to do!! Launder all the bedding and hang it outside to dry! On Monday and Tues. the drift under my clothes line was still so larger I started having my doubts. but by the time Thursday came there was only a tiny bit of snow left. Even the mud and slime didn't dampen my spirits about one of my favorite summertime activities!

Apparently when we tore out the floor we disturbed a bunch of box elder bugs. they have become a great pastime for Miss Haddy! She crawls after them talking to them and poking them with her finger!

Yes, she even picks them up to inspect their wiggling legs! Silly girl!

She too has become a HUGE fan of her Daddy these last couple of weeks and has started to be his little copy-cat!

Nothing really new happened in the sewing corner this week! I finished all the orders I had but didn't do much else. I am hoping to have time to work on some new stuff this week!! Here is one order I mailed this week! you can buy the dress here and the shoes here. Wouldn't they make a nice baby shower gift?

What about This one for spring??

Or This one??
Thanks for reading!!

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The Girl Creative

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Take-away 3 rooms, Add 3 kids = CHAOS

I don't think we could ever experience a week like this past one. Happy Chaos is what it was! Daily I reminded myself of this: My Children/nieces will not remember this week by how clean the house stayed or what we had to eat. I didn't want them to remember this week as the one that Mom spent yelling at us to 'get out of the way', 'CLEAN-UP', and ' Go to bed'. ( These were the words constantly on the tip of my tongue.) I wanted them to remember this week with pleasant yet dirty hours spent making a huge mess INSIDE the house! My 3 nieces joined our household on Last Saturday night and will be staying with us for the next 10 days. So the ages of the 7 kids in the Zimmerman house these next 10 days are: 1,2,3,4,6,8&9. !!!!!!

Here is all the kids having a bedtime story!! This pose was only TEMPORARY!! Miss Haddy never makes it thru even 1 page!!!

Here is a snap shop of my dining room/kitchen floor as it was on Monday morning!!! The rugs are covering bare floorboards from previous remodeling projects.

3 happy girls and their valentine cards for their classmates!

Kristina and Staci were so excited to take their cousin Allison to school and introduce her to all their friends. Allison was Beyond excited to attend with them!

Capturing one RARE still moment!

Mitchell, Always wanting to be like Daddy.

First-born Daughters are such a blessing when their mothering instincts start to show!!

This picture is one of my favorites, but The noises he was making while doing this were even cuter! grunts and groans abounded! :)

The hot water pipes for floor heat are in! At this point I have accepted the fact that the 7 kids in my house will only resemble 'clean' for the next couple days. I have gone into a kinda of walking coma where I only see the need of the present moment and nothing else! I've kinda given up on my Domestic life ever having breath again.

So living in the 3 remaning rooms of our home that are crammed with the furniture from the tore up rooms, I turn a blind eye to all mess making for my own sanity. Yes that is the refridgerator you see in my livingroom!!!!!!!!!!!
This is where the girls cleanoff half the bookshelf to play UsborneBook Party! Yes these are all our Usborne Books. (I used to be a consultant).

Too many girls in the house for this boy! He had such a hard time understanding that a pnch to his girl cousins tummy only made matters worse and not better like he thought they would.

best of friends and the worst of enemies!!!

Coloring on the underlayment!! By this time I was getting right down and joining in!! If you can't beat them, Join them right??

I escaped for a few minutes to enjoy the sunshine and the 40 degree weather. AHHH maybe spring will come early this year and melt these mountains of snow!! Miss Haddy had no desire to stay in the buckles of the stroller and the straps were so hard and frozen that i couldn't adjust them. I forsee a few screaming matches as she learns that the buckles are to keep her sitting down! I am a little worried because The only buckles i have not seen her climb out of YET are her carseat buckles and she has come mighty close to that a few times!!! Maybe I'll just teach er to ride a bike and I can still enjoy my walks as she peddals along with me...

My poor negelected kitchen has been turned into a toolbench!!! But Notice the tiny bit of new tile floor in the corner!!!!!

THIS was formerly the Laundry room.. Now functioning as the kitchen, bathroom, pantry and of course the Laundry too!!! I am Totally NUMB to any domestic feeling!!!!! I won't pretend to be super mom I am gonna be perfectly honest and tell you that there were a couple of nights that bedtime just couldn't come fast enough! (ok, EVERYNIGHT) But I am proud to say that each one of my mental meltdowns and my tears all happened AFTER the kids went to bed!! (Poor Hubby, I KNOW).

Here is where we are at now!!!! Isn't it Beautiful??? this is still missing the grout and is JUST the dining room but I see some light at the end of the tunnel!!! I am soo ready to put my house back together and I promise all those involved that it will be a lOOOOOOOng time before we tackle another remodling project and an even longer time before we undertake both remodeling AND babysitting at the same time!!!!
Thanks for reading this week!! I did get one big project done in the sewing corner but didn't get the time to set it up and take pictures!! Don't forget to go here and bid on some of my discontinued pillowcase dresses, last i checked one dress was only at 4.50!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Auction on Discontinued pillowcase dresses

Here's what you could win.. a 25% off coupon for HaddyGrace Etsy shop. OR a discontinued pillowcase dress at Auction price.

HaddyGrace is having a FB Auction to help me clean out my fabric stash! Smaller pieces of fabric that I am tired of hanging on to. So take a look, if you see one that you think your darling daughter, granddaughter, niece, or any darling little girl would love to own go here and place your bid! Auction ends on Monday 10pm CST.

Purple Paisley

Forest Frolic....

fall Festival

Brown and white Zebra
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thanks girls!!!!