Monday, August 30, 2010

Fabric Shopping Adventure

Today was our big adventure to the Fabric store!!! The fall/winter designs are done but I needed fabric for them! Why was it a big adventure?? Well because Me and My 2 yr. old (who Hates shopping, But hates babysitters even more!) well there is one babysitter that he likes BUT she is one of my best friends and I invited her and her 5mo. old to go with us as she is a 'crafter too!!) So we were, Rachel, 5mo old Easton, Me, 2yr. old Mitchell, AND 8 mo. old Hadassah!!! ANYTHING could happen with that age group!!
After delivering my 2 older daughters to school, we stopped at the grocery store for some special snacks (bribes) to add to the stash in Mitchell's Survivor backpack!!
Yes!! we used all 8 'Fruit Strips' :)

This nap on the drive (1hr) to the fabric shop is what saved the WHOLE day!

BLISS!!! Finally those fall designs, are taking on some color!!!! I found THE PERFECT fabric!!!

We rewarded ourselves with Chipotle for lunch.. Yes, when you are from the boonies eating at Chipotle is a BIG TREAT!! Our table had more entertaining value than a three ring circus has!!, yes it was a crazy lunch!! Hadassah was wanting 'real' food instead of her baby food!!!

Hadassah!! bright eyed and awake on our ride home!!!
Thank you Rachel for keeping me 'sane' today!!!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Wow!! we are ready for business!!!
Thank you all for being patient!!
A Big thank you too all my friends who encouraged me to get started with my Home business!! I wouldn't be here with out your encouragement!!!
Tomorrow is a big day.. We ( my 8 mo. old my 2yr old, my best friend and I) are headed to my favorite fabric store!!! Yes I am finally going to get started on those fall designs!!! I am excited because you are gonna LOVE them!!
I will post pictures of our adveture!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

coming soon!!!

We will be up and running in about a week!!! See you then!!

In the meantime check out my FaceBook page!